Goals for your agency, team, clients and projects

Set goals across all levels of your agency. Track progress & trigger pre-emptive actions. Never miss a target again.

Knock goals out of the park

Track and measure if goals are on track, at risk or off track. Trigger team actions based on goal statuses and make decisive actions to stay on track.

Set goals for your projects

Easily define and organize goals for every project. Ensure alignment and clarity across your team by setting specific, measurable objectives that drive success.

goals features of Jensi
goals features of best workflow automation tools

Make sure your goal is on track

Monitor goal progress in real-time, identify issues early, and trigger team actions to ensure project success.

Consistently achieve goals

Our goals & triggers enable your agency to always hit targets across projects, clients, teams and the overall business.

Stay on track with growth

Track goals by percentages, numerical values or goal statuses. Drive a high performing culture within your agency and keep up with real-time results.

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2x speed of approvals
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Quicken sales cycles and win deals
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Secure access and storage
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Streamline your project and client management. Say goodbye to spreadsheets.
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