E-signing & agreements

Quicker deals, easier renewals and faster approval processes.

Fast & secure agreements

Our digital agreements enable agencies to close deals, obtain contract renewals and fast-track approvals or sign offs.

Save time and hassle with digital signatures

Our e-signature feature allows you to quickly and easily send agreements to clients for signature, saving you and your clients time and hassle. All signed documents are securely stored within Jensi for easy access.

Enhanced security with permissioning

Say goodbye to lost or misplaced agreements. With our e-signature feature, you can easily send agreements to clients for signature and securely store the signed documents within Jensi. Keep all of your important agreements in one place for easy access and peace of mind.

All your agreements in one place

From client contracts to employee offer letters or purchase orders, our agreements feature enables agencies to securely share, store and manage agreements throughout your lifetime.

The smartest way for signatures

Digital signatures are the fastest and most secure way to ensure your legally binding contracts are signed off by the right people. See Jensi agreements in action.

2x speed of approvals
Quicken sales cycles and win deals
Secure access and storage
Streamline your project and client management. Say goodbye to spreadsheets.
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