File management for agencies

Easily track and manage files by projects, clients and teams. Replace generic file management tools with meaningful categorization, sharing and collaboration.

Actually keep track of files across the agency

Conventional file management requires proper naming conventions, diligent versioning and manual access control. Jensi automates versioning, categorizes files by clients, projects and teams and access control that scales.

Collaborate and share assets of all sizes

Directly share assets with team members or clients on Jensi. Manage asset revisions with automatic version control. Send assets directly to client inboxes. Optimized for all large files and various file types.

Enhanced security with permissioning

Permissioning allows administrators to grant specific access levels to team members or clients, ensuring that only authorized users can access some files and documents. Treat archived files separately and easily transfer ownership when members leave.

File management that works

Jensi's file management enables your agency to store, track and share assets across teams and clients. We've built file sharing to improve collaboration and overall delivery for your project team.

For all file types and all sizes

From large video files to endless file revisions - we've take care of it all. Improve the speed of delivery and reduce time-taken to track valuable assets across your agency.

Improve findability
Manage large assets and any file types
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Streamline your project and client management. Say goodbye to spreadsheets.
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