Client’s workspace

Your client’s experience center

Onboard clients to their personal workspace for project visibility and streamlined collaboration. Deliver remarkable client experience and focus on building relationships instead.

Improve client collaboration and retention

Provide clients with visibility on projects and real-time updates. Bridge account teams with clients for easier collaboration and better communication. Automate client notifications and set reminders for client actions.

Collaborate with your clients seamlessly

Manage all client communication, project assets, timelines, knowledge base and agreements in one place. Remove fragmented communication and centralize client collaboration.

Your brand, your way

Elevate client experience with a personalised workspace that's tailored to your business. Give your clients a remarkable experience with true collaboration and project visibility.

Make clients feel at home

Include clients in important aspects of your project. Collaborate with them through messaging, file sharing, task management and more.

Onboard your clients

Jensi's client workspace lets you provide project visibility and updates in real-time so your team can focus on building relationships and delivering results.

Improve client retention by 30%
Enable collaboration & communication
Project visibility and progress tracking for clients
Streamline your project and client management. Say goodbye to spreadsheets.
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