Create and share forms

Create client briefs, gather requirements, send questionnaires or set up recurring NPS forms. Use Jensi forms internally, with clients or to run marketing campaigns.

The fastest way to collect answers

Create forms from a robust list of question types. Gather contact information, run Q&A's, get ratings and scores, or run marketing surveys.

Diverse form fields

From short answers to multiple choice or ratings, Jensi forms come with diverse options for your versatile needs.

Recurring forms

Collect client NPS on a monthly basis or send surveys at the end of projects. Set forms up to be sent at the right time.

Use forms the right way, at the right time

Set up milestones or schedule when you send forms out. Use forms to gather client information, check-in with your internal team or run external market research.

Accurate information gathering

Jensi forms streamline information gathering and takes it to the next level. Collate and analyse form data for decision-making and next steps.

Gather important data easily
Improve research and insights
Fast-track briefs and requirements
Streamline your project and client management. Say goodbye to spreadsheets.
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