Automate tasks and collaboration with workflows

Deliver repeatable results and success through workflows. Streamline processes and SOPs internally or trigger actions throughout your business.

An in-depth look into workflows

Build sequential or conditional workflows. Automate onboarding, delivery, communication and more.

Stay informed and keep your projects on track

With pre-defined templates and the ability to customize your own, you can quickly set up the perfect workflow for your project. Plus, with real-time progress tracking and the ability to easily assign tasks, you can stay on top of everything and ensure your projects are completed on time and to your satisfaction.

Streamlined processes

Allows you to define and automate your agency's processes, ensuring consistency and standardization across client projects. It eliminates the need for manual coordination and reduces the risk of errors or delays.

Beyond project management

Trigger any of our native apps within a workflow. Use workflows to streamline best practices. Build workflows around customer retention, project delivery, client or employee onboarding and more.

Workflows in action

Automate and streamline repetitive tasks, ensuring smooth collaboration and efficient project execution by defining task dependencies, assign responsibilities and set deadlines.

Do the right actions at the right time
Enable proactive teams
Build repeatable results
Streamline your project and client management. Say goodbye to spreadsheets.
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