June 4, 2024
Difference between Systems vs. SOPs vs. Workflows

Hey there! Ever wonder what keeps the best businesses running smoothly, like a well-tuned orchestra? Let's dive into the world of systems, SOPs, and workflows—the superheroes of the business process world. Mastering these can transform how your business operates, ensuring you deliver top-notch services consistently, achieve greater efficiency, improve quality, and delight your clients.

What Are Systems?

Imagine systems as the backbone of your company’s operations — a set of organised, repeatable activities crafted to hit specific targets. They are the big-picture frameworks that support your business goals, helping ensure your company runs like a dream, even on autopilot. Here are a few examples of systems that companies use:

  • Client onboarding: Getting your new clients started on the right note.
  • Service delivery: Ensuring what you promise is what you deliver, every single time.
  • Billing and collections: Keeping the cash flow fluent without hiccups.

What Are SOPs?

SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are your step-by-step game plans for complex routines. These detailed guides ensure that everyone on your team plays by the same rules, making sure things are done right, leaving no room for missteps or miscommunication. For example:

  • How to Write a Blog Post: Crafting compelling content that captivates.
  • Gathering Client NPS: Measuring how much your clients love your service.
  • Creating a Quarterly Business Review: Showcasing your wins and learning from the challenges

What Are Workflows?

Workflows are carefully planned sequences that guide your tasks from start to finish. They define the path that each process follows, ensuring everything happens in the right order and at the right time, like a conductor leading an orchestra.

Workflow in Action:

Think of client onboarding as a comprehensive system. It’s the overarching structure that guides the entire process of integrating a new client into your service framework. This system ensures that from the moment a client agrees to work with your company, they are smoothly transitioned through all the necessary steps to become a valued customer.

Within the client onboarding system, specific tasks require detailed instructions—this is where SOPs like the Kickoff Deck come into play. The Kickoff Deck SOP provides step-by-step guidelines on how to prepare for a successful kickoff meeting. It ensures that every kickoff is handled consistently, covering all necessary points to set the project up for success.

Within the client onboarding system, we break down the process into several workflows:

  • Pre-Onboarding Workflow: This includes sending a welcome email, scheduling the kickoff meeting, and preparing the Kickoff Deck. It’s a sequence of tasks designed to prepare both the client and the team for the onboarding phase.some text
    • Welcome email → Schedule Kickoff → Prepare Kickoff Deck
  • Onboarding Workflow: The actual kickoff meeting where tools and processes are introduced to the client, followed by the handover to the account team.some text
    • Kickoff Meeting → Tools Onboarding → Handover to Account Team
  • Launch Activity Workflow: This workflow includes setting up recurring meetings, reporting weekly activity, and maintaining regular client interactions to ensure ongoing success.some text
    • Schedule Recurring Meetings → Report Weekly Activity → Weekly Client Meets

How Jensi Makes Magic with Systems, SOPs, and Workflows

At Jensi, we’re not just about setting up these systems. We supercharge them! Jensi automates and integrates your systems, SOPs, and workflows so they operate without a hitch, letting you focus on growing your business and wowing your customers. Imagine all your processes flowing smoothly, with every piece of the puzzle fitting perfectly.

Great businesses don’t just happen; they’re built on solid systems, clear SOPs, and dynamic workflows. With Jensi, you’re not just running your business; you’re making it soar to new heights with every process streamlined and every operation optimised.

Ready to revolutionise your business processes? Dive into Jensi and watch your business operations transform. Follow us on our social media channels for more genius tips and tricks on making your business the best it can be!